Stylish leather goods

THOMAS – leather goods of the best Polish and global manufacturers.

We focus on offering goods with soul, smaller and larger items that will complement the unique style of each of you. We take care that all products offered by us fulfil their functional needs and impress with their stylish appearance for a long time. Frequent changes of the collection as well as a wide range of colours and styles of our goods make it possible to choose the perfect and original handbag or wallet. In each of our 17 stores in Poland you will find a wide assortment of natural and synthetic leather products. We offer mainly Italian, Polish and French brands, such as Albatross, Pierre Cardin, Harvey Miller, Emporio Valentini, Calvin Klein, Accardi and many more.

Offer for women

Every woman can find what she needs in our stores. Above all, we focus on leather elegance, quality craftsmanship and unique design. We also pay attention to the variety of forms, colours and sizes, so that we can suit even the most demanding tastes. You will find larger and smaller handbags, classic wallets and belts as well as elegant leather accessories.

Offer for men

Leather goods perfectly complement men’s attire. In addition, leather items perform various functions, making them simply necessary. We offer stylish briefcases, belts, wallets and other leather accessories. We assure you that all our products, thanks to perfect craftsmanship, will serve you for years to come.

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