Offer for men

Bags and pouches

We offer excellent quality leather briefcases, classic document cases and very functional men’s pouches and bags from the best manufacturers. Products of Thomas and Albartoss brand, as well as Italian and French bags, will fulfil their basic tasks and will perfectly suit both elegant and classic attire as well as more casual styling.



A men’s wallet must primarily store documents and money. Its quality, craftsmanship, durability as well as leather elegance and finish matter. But its looks is also important, thus we offer a wide selection of only the best quality wallets. We try to often change the collection and provide you with the most durable and visually attractive, elegant products.


Choosing the belt we are mainly guided by practical reasons. We look at the material, size and the type of buckle. It is also important to match the belt with other items of accessories and clothing. Our wide choice of natural and synthetic leather belts, in a variety of colours and styles, guarantees that every man will find the perfect leather belt for himself.


Leather accessories

The wardrobe of a man who values elegance should include all kinds of leather accessories. Their unique style and usable aspects – some kind of ‘indestructibility’ – make it sometimes difficult to do without them. We offer excellent leather gloves, cases, business card holders, key cases and other leather accessories that will not only help you sort out everyday items, but also add a classic style.